Short Stay Apartments Saskatoon

Why Book One of Our Short Stay Apartments in Saskatoon?

Incredible Value:

At RhodeHouse Executive Suites, we believe in offering a greater value to our guests. That’s why regardless of whether you’re looking for an extended stay or short stay apartment, we can help you find the perfect rental for your needs. Most apartments charge upwards of double their normal rates when they find out their guests are looking for temporary or short-term accommodations. We can search our extensive network of suites to find one that perfectly fits your requirements and budget. Give us a call to discuss your upcoming visit to Saskatoon.

Are you searching for something for a single guest? Our luxurious River Gate Estates offer 1,100 sq ft of comfortable living space just 7 minutes from downtown Saskatoon. You’re going to love the in-floor heating throughout, with hardwood flooring that feels great under your feet. Granite countertops and under-cabinet lighting make this apartment a pleasure to cook in, along with stainless steel appliances that are easy to keep clean. The bedroom and den each have their own balcony. All of our suites include bi-weekly maid service, full kitchens, WiFi and high-speed Internet access, in-suite laundry and many additional amenities, including being fully furnished and ready to move in. To change the number of guests or amenities, simply alter the criteria before submitting.

You can take a closer look at one of our short stay apartments in Saskatoon by clicking the Menu link and selecting Our Suites from the list. Request additional pictures, profiles or information just by clicking the ‘Request a Suite’ link at the top of any website page. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way.

We understand how difficult it can be to find temporary housing with amenities. We’re please to provide the same, preferred accommodations to our extended stay guests as we do for our short-term guests- and rest assured, we can find you the best rates in the region. If you’ve contacted apartment owners only to find that their rates for short stays are double or triple those that they offer their permanent tenants, give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find exactly what you want at a price that’s far lower than you’ll find elsewhere.

Temporary housing units are identical to long-term units in our suites. We don’t limit the number of amenities we offer in our short stay apartments in Saskatoon. When you stay in one of our luxury apartments, you’ll enjoy maid service, large-screen cable TV, convenient parking, full kitchen access, beautiful furnishings, and much, much more. You could spend a lot more money staying in a cramped hotel room, but we feel you’ll be much more comfortable staying in one of our beautiful suites- and you’ll pay less as well.

Our goal at RhodeHouse Executive Suites is to provide our guests with dependable, consistent, valuable service you’ll be proud to tell others about. We’re available by phone when you call us at 866-969-0663 or through our website interface.

Short Stay Apartments Saskatoon